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What our customers say:


Wayne H

Small Business

"I didnt know what I didnt know!"

"Don't hesitate or reconsider. If you're reading this, just sign and go with them. BUT, you MUST take the time and do the things they say to do and you will enjoy a solution to a problem you didn't even know existed. I didn't even know what they offered existed until a friend told me about this service. They even suggested a different company yet after my deep dive into the offering, Lead Forensics came out on top and I know for a fact I made the correct choice."

Maggie U

Small Business

"Cold calling is like fishing, Lead forensics tells you where the Fish are"

"Lead Forensics gives me insight of how often potential customers visit the site and what it is that they are looking for. I can keep track by adding them to the watchlist and target the right contact person through the contact list provided by Lead Forensics. It also gives me the possibility of adding notes helping me to keep an overview of contacts made and infos exchanged."

Audrey A

Small Business

"Great for tracking website visitor data and knowing which leads to follow up with"

"We are able to identify more leads with Lead Forensics. We realized how many leads, or lack of leads we have visiting our webiste. Like mentioned above, I am able to sort through leads on our website and send the good ones to our sales team. We are also able to see how much traffic we are generating, how/where to attract more, and where we are already doing well."

Rowena W


"Lead Forensics enables our sales team to concentrate their efforts on an established pipeline"

"It's very user friendly, but even so, our customer success manager works really hard to help ensure our team members are able to use the platform to its best. For me though, I love how easy it is to pull reports from it and get a better picture of our audience.

It's helping our sales team build their pipelines, meaning they're using their time to contact warm leads, rather than cold calling to find usable leads."

Harpal C


"Very underrated tool that all New Business Hunters should use!"

"I check in every morning onto the portal, filter by UK and see all the companies that have gone onto our website, how many and which pages they have visited, how long they were on the website for, how they arrived on the website and what search term they used. I then take the company name to LinkedIn, filter by IT Managers and send them a LinkedIn message to understand what challenges they are facing (if any)."

Marcela T

Small Business

"Awesome everyday Visit Tracker"

"LF allows you to see which site they visited, how many visitors came from that company, where they came from, company size, you can categorize your visitors and the filters you create can be shared with your co-workers. Another great feature is you can track that company visit history and have a better picture of their needs. I like that I can see the company logo and a snap of their website and have an idea of their industry by taking a peek at this."

Pooja P


"Lead Forensics is a great tool"

"I like how easy it is to access and how you can see a list of all the companies that have visited your website and the hot scores it gives the user so you can set your scoring criteria.

I have managed to find new business accounts that are not on our database and have been able to add them on and actually book meetings which have helped me hit a target."

Bev M

Small Business

"Lead Prospects from target industry and companies with relevant info"

"All the info where and when I need it. Easy to integrate into our other systems for workflow. Customer Services second to none and easy to use help and online chat.

Find the landing pages, pages viewed and exit pages information is very helpful for lead scoring"

Andy T

Small Business


"Lead Forensics gives us unique insights into website activity allowing us to evaluate and act as we feel appropriate on a case by case basis.

In simple terms, knowing which companies are visiting our site and our client sites gives us a lot more visibility in tailoring our approach to prospects."