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Turn anonymous website traffic into visitor insight

Turn anonymous website traffic into trust-worthy
visitor insight for your business

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Connect with your prospects and customers more intelligently than ever before; with the right information at the right time.

Erik Mosselaar -  Sales and Business Development Manager at Distence

After only three months, our first direct lead resulted in a new partnership with a market leader in their segment. I was able to reach out at the time they were looking for a solution. The estimated potential in direct sales is about €300,000 annually and accumulating software fees of €30,000.    

About Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics is the leading website visitor identification software, fuelled by the largest global IP database in the industry. We provide the insight required for B2B organizations to have timely, relevant, and high-converting conversations with key decision-makers.

Identify hot sales leads you never knew you had a and take control of your lead generation activity.

Set criteria and get real-time alerts straight to your inbox when existing or new prospects visit your site.

Identify upsell opportunities with visibility on which pages your existing customers are looking at.

Free 7-day trial. No credit card required. Simple to setup.

Engage faster

Upload your dream list and get a competitive edge through our data manager feature. You will be instantly alerted when they visit your website – your competitors won’t even get close. 

Work smarter

Be empowered with visibility of the hottest prospects to prioritize – and close. You can define your own criteria of high value leads, and automate them straight to your inbox with trigger reports. 

Identify Leads

84% of B2B buyers will purchase from the first organization they engage with, yet 98% of your website visitors will never inquire with you.

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Identify leads you never knew you had and optimize your lead generation activity and pipeline. Get instant access to business information, key decision makers, and onsite behavioural information. 

With Lead Forensics, you're in great hands.

Without the best website visitor identification software, you’re missing out on vital pieces of information for every visitor on your site. You will no doubt understand the value of obtaining the contact details of key decision-makers, as well as detailed company and financial information for those visiting businesses.

We’re confident we can help you achieve the results you deserve. Here’s why…

Our software is multi-award winning — it is industry-leading tech you can count on.


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We own the largest IP database in the world — you’ll get unrivaled match rates.


We have over 80,000 users globally — you’re in great company.


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