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Third-Party Cookies: Everything B2B Marketers need to know

In a world where marketers have grown reliant on cookies to help them target their campaigns, Lead Forensics provides a more reliable and actionable direct route to creating qualified opportunities for their business. Unlike cookie-based solutions, users can see the companies engaging with their sites based on their IP address, something that cannot be faked or removed and can do so in real-time.

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84% of B2B buyers purchase from the first vendor they engage with.

Be the first vendor every time with award-winning website visitor identification software.

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Lance Baird. Ringleader at RIVET

We currently use the software internally to discover our website visitors in real-time, as well as see the content prospective clients are viewing and downloading. Externally, we leverage Lead Forensics as a tool when evaluating our clients’ websites analytics to inform visitor engagement and performance." 

Third-party cookies are one of the most effective online marketing tools and play a major role in digital campaigns.
It's easy to understand then why this has been a hot topic of conversation in the marketing world since Google announced it would be ending. Especially as there are no definitive alternatives yet.

This has caused a lot of uncertainty, compounded by Google announcing a delay in these changes until 2023. In fact, according to new research by Econsultancy, 43% of marketers say they don’t have a good understanding of the changes!

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