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98% of B2B website visitors don't inquire. We tell you who they are.

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Convert your previously anonymous web visitors into paying customers. Our business database is the world’s largest, so every visitor that lands on your site is a potential lead, not just the 2% who fill out a form.

Identify website visitors in real-time

Transform lapsed
customers into new business

Implement personalized win-back strategies by identifying lapsed customers browsing your website and triggering an automated marketing campaign or a sales call.

Drive incremental revenue from existing customers

Start real-time conversations, impress existing customers with unbeatable service, and identify opportunities to up-sell in an instant. Lead Forensics identifies when an existing customer is exploring your site and sends details of their on-site behavior directly to your team in real-time.

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Identify the Businesses Visiting Your Site

The CRM integrations make it easy to assign leads to sales for them to start working within their CRM. We are identifying more leads to reach out to and since we are able to contact the opportunity earlier in their journey, it allows us to get ahead of our competition.



I don’t know why everybody isn’t using Lead Forensics. It unlocks a whole world of warm leads who are already looking at your website, and it’s contributed to our business growth over the last six years. We’ve tried other similar tools and nothing compares, using Lead Forensics is a no-brainer.

Jo Roadnight, Head of Client Services, Turning Point HR