How to Leverage Website Visitor Insight to Drive Successful ABM

Thursday, February 17
@ 16:30 GMT | 11:30 EST | 10:30 CST

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Presented by Nadja Gram

Lead Forensics //  VP of Marketing

With more than 10 years of experience when it comes to B2B marketing, Nadja has honed her skills and understanding when it comes to this market. She’s been involved in the successful planning, creation and execution of account-based marketing initiatives on a local, regional and global scale and has worked closely with brands such as Lead Forensics, VMware, Capgemini and Oracle to deliver tangible business results. 

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Join us on Thursday, February 17th @ 16:30 GMT | 11:30 EST | 10:30 CST

This MUST ATTEND webinar features expert advice to help you to drive successful ABM results.

Presented by the Social & Digital Director at Hotwire, Josh Turbill and our own VP of Marketing, Nadja Gram

Join as they discuss the close relationship that exists between digital channels (such as your website) and successful account-based marketing. They will share their own experiences as they draw on practical as well as theoretical knowledge to fuel a truly insightful session.

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Thursday, February 17 @ 16:30 GMT | 12:30 EST | 11:30 CST

How to Leverage Website Visitor Insight to Drive Successful ABM

This hugely popular webinar features helpful insight for anyone working in digital marketing or lead generation. It's packed full of best practices and practical tips to optimize your ABM strategies and utilize website visitor insights

Our Marketing Webinars have reached over 3,000+ marketing professionals - we don’t want you to miss out, so click the link below to register!

Webinar: The Expert Speakers

  1. What types of organizations should invest in ABM with digital integration?
  2. How do you measure the success of ABM through digital channels?
  3. How do you integrate website visitor insight into your ABM effectively?
  4. What technologies and tools can be used to drive insight and enable scale?
  5. What are the common challenges when it comes to ABM execution?
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Webinar: How to Leverage Website Visitor Insight to Drive Successful ABM

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UK: 020 7206 7293      US: 888 399 0695


Hotwire  // Social & Digital Director

With over 12 years of experience, Josh is an expert in growing and leading numerous agency-side digital teams. With years of successful ABM campaigns to his name, Josh now runs award-winning ABM campaigns for his global technology client-base as Social & Digital Director of Hotwire. Josh is highly experienced in key disciplines such as social media, digital strategy, and GTM solutions, to name a few. 

Presented by Josh Turbill

About How to Leverage Website Visitor Insight to Drive Successful ABM

During this 30 minute virtual-live session, we’ll cover the critical factors to consider in ensuring ABM success. With marketing becoming ever more data-driven, using insight to understand prospective, and existing, customers and enrich your marketing initiatives is increasingly becoming a competitive necessity.

Successful ABM requires high-quality, plentiful, and actionable insight to deliver effective, personalized experiences. But what does the right insight look like? How exactly can website visitor insight add value?

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Reserve your place for this must attend webinar

This highly-rated webinar, presented by marketing experts Josh Turbill, Nadja Gram, and Martin Boyle, will provide you with all the practical knowledge in devising the best ABM activities — diving into how ABM can fit into your company and current marketing efforts.

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Identify leads you never knew you had and optimize your lead generation activity and pipeline. Get instant access to business information, key decision makers, and onsite behavioural information. 

Hosted by Martin Boyle

Lead Forensics //  Director of Brand and Communications

Martin is the Director of Brand and Communications at Lead Forensics and has 20 years’ experience in B2B and B2C marketing. Martin has wide-ranging knowledge and experience of all aspects of both digital and traditional marketing including successfully running ABM campaigns for enterprise audiences.